This page is a summary of the resources to help with installation of the Software required to work with the Java For Testers book.

The book contains text instructions which should be easy to follow. But they are deliberately short, in case the actual install for the software changes over time.

We will install 3 main pieces of software:

I have created some support videos below.

New Videos

The following videos were created in October 2016 and are updated for new versions of Maven, JDK 1.8 and use Homebrew on Mac.

The install videos use this sample Github project:

Which also has install instructions:

Install on Windows

Install on Mac

Legacy Videos

The following are legacy videos that might be useful. I have ‘linked’ to these instead of embedding them

Other Resources

Source Code

You can also download all the source code used in the book and answers for the exercises over at github:

Either clone it, or download the code as a zip file.


Either contact me, or leave comments on the Install Questions? blog post page